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Dutton Garage GT Outright

Leg 1 -
No Stage Length Date First Car Condition Status
TS1 High Plains
5.80kms 19-4-2021 09:12 Dry COMPLETE
TS2 Moriarty
5.22kms 19-4-2021 09:42 Dry COMPLETE
TS3 Paloona
16.35kms 19-4-2021 11:16 Dry COMPLETE
TS4 Mt Roland
26.00kms 19-4-2021 11:57 Dry COMPLETE
TS5 Golden Valley
12.17kms 19-4-2021 13:05 Dry COMPLETE
TS6 Poatina
11.35kms 19-4-2021 14:16 Dry COMPLETE

TS16 downgraded due to the condition of the road