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Mt Buller GT Outright

Leg 1 -
No Stage Length Date First Car Condition Status
TS2 Barwite
7.48kms 11-2-2022 13:22 Dry COMPLETE
TS3 Tolmie
16.44kms 11-2-2022 13:38 Dry COMPLETE
TS4 Whitfield
7.15kms 11-2-2022 13:59 Dry COMPLETE
TS5 King Valley
7.25kms 11-2-2022 16:18 Dry COMPLETE
TS6 Powers Lookout
16.23kms 11-2-2022 16:34 Dry COMPLETE
TS7 Bridge Creek
7.44kms 11-2-2022 16:54 Dry COMPLETE
TS8 Mt Buller 1
18.24kms 11-2-2022 17:41 Dry COMPLETE

TS1 is not included in the results
TS15 downgraded to touring
TS18 downgraded to touring