Targa Wrest Point Modern

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Leg 2 -
No Stage Length Date First Car Condition Status
TS8 Pelverata
12.12kms 2009-2-1 08:53:00 Dry COMPLETE
TS9 Woodbridge-1
9.88kms 2009-2-1 09:24:00 Dry COMPLETE
TS10 Oyster Cove-1
10.11kms 2009-2-1 09:43:00 Dry COMPLETE
TS11 Cygnet-1
12.10kms 2009-2-1 10:05:00 Dry COMPLETE
TS12 Woodbridge-2
9.88kms 2009-2-1 10:52:00 Dry COMPLETE
TS1 used for warm-up only, so the times do not appear
TS2, TS3, TS5 and TS6 are run in a very remote area, and times will only be updated at the end of each stage.
TS13 and TS14 Downgraded (not to be run) due to delays caused by incidents earlier in the day